What I Do

Irrespectively to the scope of work, I welcome the opportunity to guide projects towards their full potential. I am sensitive to budgetary limitations and able to assist on a specific range of services: from business development and brand strategies to concept and detailed design, into the construction, operations and maintenance agendas required to turn a client’s idea into a sustainable and successful reality.


  • Model Design, 3D Visualization, and Animation | We use design to analyze, to look through buildings, examine how spaces fit together three-dimensionally and explore how environments relate to each other. I am able to produce everything from hand-made sketches to top-level computer 3D renderings and animations that help enhance the life circle of a project.  

  • Concept/ Interior Design | I like to design settings to work, collaborate, learn, relax and inspire, therefore I am dedicated to design, renovate and preserve environments across all market sectors and introduce new methods to conventional thinking. My projects range from luxury fashion retail boutiques and commercial headquarters to residential villas and apartments.

  • Engineering | I am involved with enhancing, renovating and preserving existing properties and I am able to provide calculations that allow the best possible structures whilst effectively using resources within a minimum possible time and environmental footprint.


  • Architecture | I pursue a balance between talent and skills, form and function, beauty and reason, vision and mission. I consider my self a problem solver by nature; serving clients by sharing their vision, understanding their objectives and responding to their challenges.


  • Project Management | I provide in-house management expertise and I am able to deliver an integrated service to clients throughout the lifecycle of a project – from planning to post construction. Solutions include client representation, contracting and sub-contracting management, budgeting and cost management, time and resource management; procurement and resources management, contract management and administration; all focused in forecasting, planning, monitoring and delivering a project on time, within budget and to the highest quality.