Who I am

Raised by a supporting family and grew up between Paris and Athens, by a French mother and a Greek father of Italian descent.


Started drawing from a young age more hours during daytime than I was sleeping per night so inevitably, my interest turned towards the design & construction discipline where I spent my winters  attending a double major in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design at school, whilst spending my summers working on the construction of residential, commercial and retail projects.


Decided to pursue my passion, by studying Industrial Engineering and Interior Architecture in W.M.I.T. (West Macedonia Institute of Technology) in Greece, where I was also voted by students as their spokesperson and selected by faculty members as a member of the Design Team, representing the University in various competitions. 


My professional experience is compiled of having worked as a member of -or lead -  a team of Designers, Architects, Project Managers, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Consultants, and Sub-Consultants, for multiple Interior Design, Architecture, Contracting, and Consulting Companies, for almost 15 years.


Performing in challenging environments in which my adaptability, innovative attitude, and passion to develop ingenious and creative solutions to design problems, are used in the enhancement of a strong, forward-thinking and progressive idea, is something I particularly enjoy.


I also love tea.

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